Clubs, Clubs and More Clubs

As the school year begins we are presented with opportunities. New friends, better grades, sports and clubs. Here at North point we are presented with the privilege of NEST and one of the best ways to get the most out of it is to join a club. We have a variety of clubs from ping pong to fashion club. With so many choices you are bound to find something that interests you.

Recently there was a NEST fair that opened up the chance to join one of many clubs that are offered. They all differ in hobbies and interests and joining new clubs presents a new way to meet new people and make new friends.

The French club meets on Tuesdays the second half of nest. So what does every member in the club find to be the best part about French club? Excitedly the French group agreed and said, “Food!” The French Club allows those who join their club, to bring a dish that relates to the French culture and members have the chance to sample new cuisine. Besides the food, this club should appeal to those who just want to learn about the French culture. Madame Graves the club supervisor stated, “You don’t even have to know French! Just have an interest in the French culture.” The club’s goal for the end of the year is to plan a trip to somewhere they could further be enriched in the culture. If you are interested they meet in room M127.

If you have an interest in animals then you may want to check out the Pet and Animal Care Club. In their meetings they discuss animal care in our community and how to better it. With this they also research careers in the animal care fields. They even allow opportunities to volunteer at local shelters and the Humane Society. The Pet and Animal Care club hopes to have the guest speakers through out the year, to help further their missions. The Pet and Animal Care club meets on Tuesdays during the first half of nest in room 308.

Another club to check out is the Writers Asylum club. Here you could find a place where you write and share short stories. You could be provided feedback for your work and improve on your writing skills. If you like to write and want a easy going place to go to for a club, then this could be club for you. By the end of the year the club hopes to have pieces published outside of the classroom. If you think this club is for you they can be found in room M117 on Wednesdays the first half of nest.

All three of these clubs provide great opportunities to make new friends and get involved in what you interested. If you don’t see one you like, don’t worry there are several other clubs that are held during NEST.