We Have Spirit


This past Thursday night North Point had its 1st annual preseason pep rally to celebrate all the fall season sports. Many student athletes were looking forward to the pep rally.“I am cross country runner and I think it’s cool that we also got some type of recognition” Alex Huiesch (’17). “I think having the pep rally made all the teams feel more like the school supported, and made us more excited for this season” Valentina Jones (15’) Even though it came to a slow start, it quickly picked up as parents, students, and even alumni filled the stands.
The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation and excitement for the teams to be presented and the cheerleaders and POMS did a great job at keeping it that way. The girls kept the crowd busy with their signature cheers and dances. Once the crowd started to grow, Mrs. Fair proceeded to call all the fall sports teams one by one. Starting with the field hockey team and continuing with, Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, the Golf team, POMS, and ending with the football team. After all the teams were announced they all sat down with their teammates in the stands. That is when the pep rally really started. Even thought there weren’t as many activities as our homecoming pep rally the crown made sure they were involved by cheering on the teams and even coming on the track and dancing with the POMS team. There were many great moments “My favorite moment was when everybody came out on the field and we united as NP Nation it shows we are not represented as each individual sport we are one great Athletic program that everyone has their eyes on.” Lavonte Berman (15’) As the Pep Rally came to end all the teams competed to all the teams competed to see who had the most spirit and of course the JV football team won since they probably the largest team but Volleyball and the Soccer team were pretty spirited even though they don’t have as many players. At the very end Mrs. Fair called all the teams to the field so they could be joined as one and to be acknowledge as a whole one last time and most of everybody joined the teams on the field to show their love and support. After the pep rally the concessions were open so many students and athletes stayed around the stadium and on the field just having fun and talking about what team they were most excited for “The team I look most forward to seeing is the Varsity Football team. I know last year was ruff for them but as long as they work hard and stay focused I think they will do great.” Monsi Wooten (15’). Some people were even on the track jump roping and playing with hula hoops with their families.

Overall the event was exciting and enjoyable. Many people loved the concept of it and are looking forward to it next year. “I think we should do this every year because it’s a great way to get the teams motivated right before the season starts.” We are all looking forward to a great season this year and wish luck to all the teams