Let’s go to Homecoming!

Ellis Childers, Staff Writer

It’s a classic tradition for a high school student to host their own Homecoming at the beginning of the new school year. A lot of students like to participate in Spirit Week events that lead up to the Homecoming game and dance. There’s action packed football and then the very formal, and very stylish, Homecoming dance. Every year people give the sweet “HoCo proposals” where you see the guy ask the girl in a cute, creative way to Homecoming. The applause after the girl says yes can be very sentimental and exciting moment. It is really fun experiencing Homecoming with close friends. The girls go dress shopping and the boys dress up all sophisticated for their date. Many have all seen the photos on social media like Twitter and Instagram of the students all fancied up. Although students are a big part of this week, and preparing for Homecoming week, who is behind it all?

Ms. Huffman is the Student Government Association advisor and is the teacher for Textiles Apparel/Fashion Design and Merchandising. The SGA always organizes Homecoming and Spirit Week. What does the teacher behind all of the excitement think of Homecoming week? Ms. Huffman explains that, “It gives the students here the opportunity to have a voice, to be able to express themselves. It’s a happy and fun week , when we celebrate school and our spirit. I love seeing the creativity and love the energy. It’s a nice feelings seeing everyone happy.” This year the week’s list goes in this order, Mix Match Day, Decades Day, Character Day, Sports Jersey Day, and of course, Spirit Day. When a student walks into school, it can be breathtaking to see other kids dressed up with the creativity you see around the school. Participation is always welcome and basically everyone gets creative and goes for it. It’s very interesting seeing what people come up with.

Some students don’t know yet, but the theme for this year’s Homecoming dance is A Night in Atlantis. As most know, there is a Homecoming playlist request sheet in every homeroom. The DJ gives a chance for people to hear what they want and have everyone in their “zone”. So this is just a little preview of what Homecoming week is expected to be like and the dance itself. If someone wants to see it in full action, join in on the funny spirit days, have a blast at the dance and even go to the packed and popular Homecoming game, or even all of it! It is a very formal event for the school, so there is a tiny dress code behind it. So be sure to have your sparkly dresses and nice shoes or tuxes and ties ready to go! Every year there is something new on the dance floor that is decorated and all lit up. It’s high school, be sure to make it count and have fun during this year’s Homecoming week!