Homecoming Game Recap

Homecoming Week was the one week for the school to let loose and have some fun before the real work starts right? Let’s take a look at what occurred during the annual Homecoming game on Friday, October 10 2014. If anyone was not at the game, then they missed out on a ton of fun, even if it was a little wet. Most know but it was North Point against Great Mills High School and well, let’s just say it was a very successful night for the school. The memo got out and spread quickly that the chilly game was in fact a blackout, where all the students and even faculty wear black. Yet the turnout for Great Mills was not too impressive.

As the varsity football team rushes through the big blow up eagle, the crowd cheers on for the game to start. Now, football games may just be a place to hang out for people like the freshman, “I’m really excited to be here to be with friends and it’s my very first game.” said Katie Klahr (‘18).  Then there are many confident juniors walking around like Michael Borza (‘16) who tells what he thinks the outcome is going to be like, “We are going to win this, I know it.” Then there are the many sophomores who determine and predict the aftermath. “I’m really hyped up because I know Junior Varsity killed them and so will Varsity,” says Eric Yestramski (‘17)  and Calvin Bikowski (‘17).

Twitter account, @NorthPointHS tells all about the events at the game and the ending score, but if someone didn’t know we won by a ton. Final score ends to be 46-6 as the Eagles have brought on victory for the school. Also announced at the game for those who didn’t know, was the Homecoming Court Winners, which was Erica Canales and Heru Ashford! Not only that, but the body painters had a blast spelling out ‘ #NPNation 2K15 ‘ even if it was just a bit cold for some to handle.  It is tons of fun and excitement during these autumn football games so don’t waste a second and miss one!