The Countdown Begins

Around the beginning of spring, seniors all across the globe begin to experience five common symptoms.

  1. Extreme procrastination
  2. Extreme difficulty when waking up in the morning
  3. Lack of motivation
  4. Relief of stress
  5. Constant daydreams about the future

The list goes on. So what could this epidemic be that has caused seniors to do things such as sport the same college hoodie two days in a row or lack the motivation to even read the shortest paragraph. Could it be a serious case of the common cold or maybe, even the flu? Not to worry, what must seniors are probably experiencing is senioritis: the senior year slump, when 12th graders “take it easy”.

For many seniors, most think it’s not a big deal. A good amount of seniors have already been accepted into a school of choice, or have a clear plan for what lies ahead of them after graduation. But this downward spiral known as senioritis is no joke. Symptoms of senioritis seen in seniors can end in horrible results. Results can include reconsideration of admission, academic probation, or even a change in plans.

While this year is supposed to be one of the best years of school one will ever experience, its important to fight back at the symptoms, and stay on the right track. Fight back by maintaining your usual GPA. Seniors will want to make a good impression on whom ever may look at their grades after graduation. Be the student you’ve always been through out school or make an effort to become better. But at the same time have fun, and enjoy the perks of being senior. This time only comes once, so make the best of it.he