North Point Unity

This past week, North Point came together as a family to unite through fun activities to showcase good qualities and kindness. This unity was achieved through Brotherhood Sisterhood Week, a tradition, which promotes the good characteristics in students through festivities. Each morning started off with a trivia question that enthusiastically bred friendly competition between all home bases of all grades.

During this week, Mr. Deegan was in charge of the trivia activities every morning. The questions included everything from music and historical people/events to NPHS school-based trivia. “Brotherhood Sister Week is a fun way to come together and participate in school spirit through fun and games as a school, while promoting kindness and good spirit”, said Deegan. He also encouraged students to introduce themselves to strangers and reach out to make new friends. Cards with good characteristics were passed to all students in hopes that they would give those cards to people who carried those exemplary traits of good character. In addition to the games and activities, Brotherhood Sisterhood Week also held an assembly of seniors that met in the courtyard on Wednesday. This assembly helped underclassmen obtain advice from their soon-to-be-graduating fellow students.

Another fun event included the Uptown Funk dance recreation that took place on Friday. “I think Brotherhood Sisterhood week is a fun way to spread charisma and good spirit across the school. They also have really fun t-shirts that are only $7”, said Mrs. Huffman, fashion design and textiles teacher. In addition to the reasonable prices of the t-shirts, they also have unique designs. The shirt is gray, but the focal design makes out two hands shaking, which are patterned with the Maryland flag. Overall, Brotherhood Sister Hood Week was a success. It not only continued the North Point tradition, but also promoted a peaceful vibe that is felt throughout the school.