Student Government Association

Student Government Association

Austun Reid, Staff Writer

Student Government Association or SGA is responsible for planning student activities, and overall shaping student experiences. SGA is proud to announce that they have officially started up again. The first meeting was held on September 14, 2015. SGA president Aisha Barns (16’) quotes, “The meeting was great, I wasn’t expecting this many people to show up.” During nest fair last week, hundreds of people signed up, and even more showed up in the auditorium.

SGA is currently planning spirit week, and also trying to decide a theme for the homecoming dance. SGA encourages student feedback, so if any student has a theme, or an idea they would like see for homecoming, feel free to talk to SGA president, Aisha Barns (16’). Homecoming this year will be Saturday October 24, 2015. Spirit week will be Monday, October 19 through Friday, October 23. Get ready to represent your class, and show your school spirit. We are still deciding on what days we will have for spirit day, and again, if you have any ideas, please tell Aisha Barns, or attend one of our SGA meetings.

If you are interested in joining SGA, meetings are every Monday first half of NEST, in the auditorium. SGA is a really a fun club, and they encourage every student to come check out one of the meetings, to see what SGA is made of. It is very important that students give their input, because all decisions that is made by SGA affects every student, weather it is the homecoming theme, or what days we have for spirit week.

SGA is so excited for this 2015-16 school year. They have so much in store for North Point High School, to make sure students have fun, and are also proud to represent North Point and be called a North Point Eagle.

Photo Credit: Leilani Mason (18′)