Student Spotlight: Clifford Hangarter


Lauren Holmes, Staff Writer

Many people struggle to find their passion in life. Clifford Hangarter (15’) has definitely found his through music. Hangarter has been playing the clarinet for the past seven years, and it’s safe to say he has developed quite a passion. He also happens to be very good at playing, being first chair in his section in the symphonic band.

Hangarter credits his beginning in music to his grandfather who also played clarinet. “He loved his family and music.” He credited his ability to practice. “With a lot of practice I got better no one’s great at first.” He still loves to practice and says he practices “as often as I can because I like to do it, I find time.” His persistency in practicing comes from the “love of playing the instrument, passion.”

His favorite part of playing the clarinet? “I love music and kind of fell in love with playing the instrument. I developed a passion and love of sound.” He has a little trouble picking his favorite song, instead he cited his love for variety and knowing how to play a broad range of pieces. His most complicated pieces tended to be concertos but he enjoyed the challenge.

Hangarter plans to major in music performance in college, and doesn’t plan stopping there. “Music is one of the best things in my life, it’s such a beautiful thing, I couldn’t imagine my life without music.”