A New Face


Amani Jackson , Staff Writer

Being a new student, to a new school, and environment can be hard at times. Not exactly knowing if you will fit in or if people will like you can be nerve wrecking. Suzie Huynh has moved from her home country of Vietnam to America. She has lived in various places in America such as Jackson, Mississippi, and Muncie, Indiana.

Moving place to place can be hard and stressful on someone, but Suzie always keeps a positive attitude and takes moving around as a learning experience. Many people have seen America portrayed on television as excitement all the time, a fun and free land, but it’s completely different once you arrive here. “America is totally different than I imagined at first because in the movies it is more interesting,” said Huynh (17).

Suzie’s hobbies are like every other normal teenagers; listening to music, playing games, and drawing. But one hobby stood out. Suzie’s ability to learn English is amazing. While other students are struggling in Spanish class, Suzie has learned a whole new language within a few years.

Her goals are to attend college on a scholarship, to major in business management and minor in art. She soon wants to get her masters’ degree and find a good job for herself. Suzie is a very talented and unique person, and with her talents, she will succeed in her dreams.