Spanish Trip to Mexican Cultural Institute


Taken at the Mexican Cultural Institute

To learn more about the culture of Mexico, Spanish II and AP students were treated with a visit to the Mexican cultural institute. Leaving in the morning by bus, the students and teachers were driven into Washington D.C. Upon arriving at the institute, the students were greeted by a tour guide and encouraged to explore the artifacts and artwork gallery. This included silverware, jewelry, and a sort of commemoration for artist William Spratling. The stairs climbed up four stories and the walls lining the staircase were painted with several magnificent murals depicting pieces of Mexico’s culture.

On the second floor, the group was first taken to the sun room of the institute, tiled and featuring artworks. This was also the location where the group photo was taken. Next, the tour guide talked about the formal dining room and the specially designed music room where events are held and also features a beautiful organ. Nick Summers who attended the trip had this to say, “The Institute was a great chance to see the mixture of Mexican culture in the past and now. I learned things that I never would have known if it wasn’t for the institute.”

Next, the tour guide explained pieces of the mural and the stories that go with it. Being pressed for time, we traveled to the fourth and final floor where more current artwork was featured. After a satisfying exploration of the institute, it was time for lunch. The group was taken to Lauriol Plaza, a beautiful restaurant not too far from the institute. The menu items available to the students were tacos, quesadillas, chicken, and burritos. After a well-cooked meal, the official trip was over and it was time to return to school. The trip was a great and educational success in all aspects.