Teacher Feature- Ms. Roussillon


It is Ms. Roussillon’s first year teaching biotechnology. After growing up in White Plains she attended North Point and was a part of the biotechnology program. After graduating in 2009 she continued to University of Maryland Baltimore County where she earned her bachelors degree. She continued on to Towson University for her master’s degree.

Roussillon describes her journey into teaching as almost accidental. Her first two jobs were teaching taekwondo and Sunday school, but it wasn’t what she considered right for herself yet. After doing research at a university level for the Navy and working for the Maryland State Police, she still found herself in teaching. While attending Towson she taught classes. After graduating Towson last year she found herself teaching here.

Roussillon grew up around teachers who had an influence on the teacher she is today. Her mother is currently a reading specialist. Teachers here has a big influence on her too. Mr. Minor taught her theater while she attended North Point. “Even though I knew I wasn’t going to study theater, it was always welcoming, he always listened and made students feel valued.”

It’s Roussillon’s first year teaching at a high school level but she already has experience teaching, when asked if it was different she said, “Because I was teaching at a college level first I already had that experience. It’s about the same.” Her best experience yet as a teacher? Helping a student get a job. Her goal is to “help students come prepared for college so they don’t have difficulty adjusting.”