Student Spotlight: Andrew Beauchamp


Students who opt for challenges showcase different talents and attributes. For Andrew Beauchamp (16′), he tries to constantly challenge and perfect himself—whether it’s in school or just his hobbies.

His favorite subjects include art and science. “I’ve always liked science and had an affinity for it and I took A.P. Chemistry last year looking for a challenging science course,” expressed Beauchamp (16′).

In addition to the vigorous courses he takes, he also enjoys rock climbing—a keen passion that is equally as challenging as it is exciting. Some other hobbies of his include art. He is currently taking ceramics and painting. “They’re both pretty entertaining and are both currently my favourite classes,” stated the student.

As for the future, Beauchamp plans to attend a two year college and eventually switch out to a university to major in business. But for now, however, he just wishes to enjoy the rest of his senior year in a challenging, yet fun learning environment.