Fashion Feature: Big Aspirations


Amani Jackson , Staff Writer

Throughout the decades, fashion has always seemed to be an inspiration to teenagers and young adults. Now that social media has become a global popularity, it has become easy for teenagers to stay on a trend or become fashion influenced by their favorite celebrities.

Shawna, a junior, has described fashion as her daily interest. Somedays she prefers to be casual and some days urban; it’s all about comfort for her. Her go-to outfit is boyfriend jeans, a tucked in form fitting turtleneck sweater, and a pair of booties or converses. She tops the outfit off with a flattering matte mac color lipstick, a watch, and rings.

“I don’t have a set style, I pretty much wear whatever looks good to me – it changes depending on what I like at the time,” Shawna stated.

She has noted Zendaya, a very common fashion enthused actress, to be her inspiration. “Her style isn’t exactly like mine, but I admire her a lot. She’s confident and can pull off anything.” said Shawna.

Fashion isn’t the only thing that inspires Shawna. Her ambition is to become a lawyer. “Watching CSI and Law & Order has really inspired me to become a lawyer,” said Shawna. Becoming a lawyer has nothing to do with fashion, but lawyers can be known for their neutral and professional fashion style. She plans on attending a law school, but hasn’t decided on a college.

How is she preparing to become a lawyer? Shawna is enrolled in North Point’s STI program, Criminal Justice, which is geared towards law enforcement. Big aspirations like, Shawna’s, can be achieved by setting goals and accomplishing them. There are many other students like Shawna who are fashion forward and aspire to be successful and make a name for themselves.