Doughnut Day!

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Celeste Brown, Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 13th is the quarterly doughnut morning. This time, however, Academic Eagles will also provide hot chocolate. This addition is one of the new things they have worked on to implement at school.

Academic Eagles is in charge of creating, printing, sorting, and distributing Flight Cards. The Flight Cards are given as a reward to students and feature different incentives, such as money off of the winter formal (on red and yellow Cards) and late homework passes. As the temperature began decreasing, Academic Eagles decided to give out hot chocolate to students who have been working for a reward. Mrs. Griffin, the Academic Eagles sponsor/teacher, is eager to see how tomorrow turns out. When asked if hot chocolate would be added every quarter, Griffin said, “We’ll see what the response is to this one. If it’s popular, we’ll do it again.” Along with Mrs. Griffin, the students involved with Academic Eagles are looking forward to rewarding their peers. Fiona Quenano (’17) believes that adding hot chocolate is a good idea. “Some students don’t have breakfast, so they’ll have a backup,” Quenano shared. Their goal is to get students excited in the morning and ready for the school day ahead.

If you have a flight card, join Academic Eagles in the cafeteria tomorrow morning, before homeroom, for your doughnut and hot chocolate.