Coffee House Preview

Lauren Holmes, Staff Writer

The nice thing about Coffee House is that it’s something that isn’t usually seen in schools. When thinking about seeing other students perform, concerts come to mind, so do talent shows, and plays. Coffee House is different, there is a mix of student performances such as bands, poetry readings, and soloists. You can buy coffee cups and desserts, sit and watch the performances while enjoying time with your friends.

“Coffee House started in 2006,” explained Mr. Minor, Coffee House, founder and leader. “I started it because I use to do it in Pittsburgh. It worked.” This year is actually the 10th anniversary and alumni are expected to come back to perform. “The nice thing about Coffee House, It’s a nice break from the dull parts of the year.” Said Minor. Another thing he likes about Coffeehouse is that it “introduces people to theater.” Mr. Minor says the only expectation he has performers is that they are fully prepared and well-rehearsed.

Things to look forward to this year are the alumni performances. These alumni include Matt Hinshaw, Armando Rivera, Pearson Newsome, and Christian Johnson. There should be several alumni performing Saturday and a few performing Friday. Attendees should be excited for $10 coffee mugs and free refills, and a free dessert. Coffee House beings this Thursday January 21st and will continue on Friday and Saturday.