Recycling Club

Lauren Holmes, Staff Writer

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle! North Point is trying to become a completely green school and one club is very important to this effort. The Recycling club. This club picks up the recycling bins and make sure all the materials get properly sorted.

Ms. Hall, the club sponsor spoke on the necessity of recycling, saying “there are about 1800 students in this school, each estimated to drink a bottle of water or use a plastic container at home, which is 1800 items that need to be recycled.” This can eliminate the waste the school is producing. “We are preventing it from being in a landfill,” Hall added. North Point is trying to become a green school and in doing this trying to reduce solid waste.

Member Dorian Brown (17’) says he likes that “You can physically see all the recycling happening right in front of you in a way and I’m directly helping my school be green by helping the environment. WE get to reduce all of the trash that usually gets dumped in landfills and help salvage some of it for re-usage.” Brown also spoke of the importance of the recycling club. “This is one of the several activities our school does to keep our school’s green status… we help keep the school clean by reusing as much trash as possible.”

This club picks up the recycling bins, in a different hallway each day. Monday is all bins on Hughesville, Tuesday is Cobb Island, Wednesday is Main Street and Bryans Road, Thursday is the modulers, and Fridays are everything upstairs. If anyone would like to join, a member can sign up for a day and collect the bins down a set hallway from 11:00 to 11:20.