Last weekend Blizzard 2016 struck the Northern East Coast, including Maryland, and gave numerous states up to 13 inches of snow. #Blizzard2016 was trending on almost every social media site. Social Media was full of videos of people doing the snow challenge, making funny vines involving the snow, and people on Twitter needing someone to be “snowed in with,” and a ”Netflix and Chill buddy.” Despite the fun Maryland and many other states called for a State of Emergency due to the high winds, snow, and slippery roads.

Wednesday night was the start of this brutal blizzard. Leaving many cars trapped on the frictionless roads while trying to come home from work because of the snow. “My mom’s friend was coming home from work and her car ended up getting stuck in the snow so she walks from 228 all the way up to my home. She sad it was a mess outside” said Shelby Hodges (17’). Cars getting stuck wasn’t the only problem people faced in the snow. Shoveling this year was a huge difference from last year. The snow was almost or even to people knees, which made shoveling last longer and caused people to be out in the cold longer. There was even news that a 60-year-old man in Prince George’s County reportedly collapsed and died due to shoveling snow Saturday. 

Due to the inclined weather, it caused schools to be out for four days, resulting in a 6 day weekend. Some students found the break unproductive and just time for rest while others found it as a way to make a little money. “Many neighbors paid me to shovel their driveways for a few dollars.” said Johnathan Wallace (17’). Hopefully next year we won’t have a blizzard as bad as the one we had this year.