New Year, New…Course Selection Sheets?


Austun Reid , Staff Writer

Third quarter is finally here, and that means there are only a few months left in school. With school coming closer and closer to an end, classes need to be chosen for the next school year. Students have been very interested in the new classes for the new school year.

What do students like about picking their own classes for the next school year? What do students dislike about picking course selecting? What is exciting about this whole thing? What classes should be added? Maia Parker (’18) recites, “I like seeing the different options I can choose. To me I feel like I have my whole future in my hands, by North Point giving me the options to choose my own classes. I dislike the elective choices, because some of them seem boring.” Michael Gonzales (’18) says, “I like the idea of choosing courses that I will enjoy next year. Although there are many elective courses, I want more computer science courses in the future.” Solomon Stewart (’18) adds, “The exciting thing about course selecting is that you have such a variety of choices to choose from, expanding your knowledge and allowing you to get into your dream college.” Taliyah Coles (’18) recalls, “It’s not that I dislike this, but I really don’t feel like the class, “financial literacy” should be a graduation requirement. Other than that I really like picking my own classes. I would absolutely love to see more fashion design courses, so that in my senior year, I’ll be able to take another design class.”

Course selecting can be an exciting, and nerve-wracking time. Having basically your whole future in a sheet of paper can be a scary thought. High school is going by a lot quicker than many students assumed, and being prepared for the future is a must, and that’s what the course selection sheets are helping students do.