Coffee House “Deja Brew” All Over Again


Amani Jackson , Staff Writer

For the past 10 years, Coffee House has been an event at North Point for students to show their talents and creativity. For three nights, students from different grade levels come together to support each other’s passions. This year’s Coffee House, “Deja Brew,” was held from February 4th-6th in North Point’s cafeteria with hosts Dennis Whitley IV and Asante Ma’at. On Friday, February 5th, I had the privilege to attend the event, witness and talk to the audience and the passionate student performers.

Performances ranged from dancing, singing, poetry, and spoken word. Performers like Alexis Marshall (11th), who covered Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Life,” and Solomen Wallace (11th), who performed his own song, left the audience breathless. Not only were there solo singers, but beautiful duets including Jacorey
(12th) and Leah (12th), who sang a cover of Meghan Trainer and John Legend’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

A sister dance duo, Shanell and Alex Erhunmwunsem, performed a jazz contemporary piece about the beauty of being strong black women, which the audience praised.

Lauryn Rainey (11th), a performer, sang and performed spoken word with Asis Shaw (12th) and Addy Hebou (12th). “I’ve always loved singing and I have an interest in the theatre. And I wanted to put myself out there cause nobody really knew I could sing,” said Rainey. “It’s my first time performing at Coffee House and I hope to come back in the future.”

Every year Coffee House is a success on the performers and audiences’ behalf. Without the audience and support, Coffee House wouldn’t be as huge as it is. “It’s a great thing that for three nights students can show their real talents because schools can be very conforming and retraining to students talents but Coffee House embraces talents,” Shelby Hodges (11th).