Fashion Feature


Amani Jackson , Staff Writer

The 90’s R&B/Hip Hop culture brought baggy pants, windbreakers, printed sweaters, shades, caps, sneakers, and named brands, which influenced Lauryn Rainey’s (11th) sense of fashion. “Two words that describe my fashion are urban and street. I’m somewhat inspired by the late 80’s and early 90’s era,” Rainey responded with a smile. Like most teenagers Lauryn’s age, fashion is a major factor of her personality.

Lauryn described fashion as her second love, while music is her first. What many people might not know is that music and fashion impact each other. Depending on how the artist styles himself/herself depends on the mood or genre of his/her music. Lauryn recently performed at Coffee House, and in preparation for her R&B cover, she wore a casual urban outfit which many R&B singers would most likely perform in. “My favorite artists that inspire my music are Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Blackstreet, TLC, D’Angelo, and SWV,” said Rainey

For people like Lauryn who are inspired by the 90’s culture, thrift shopping for vintage clothes is a must. “What grabs my attention about thrift store shopping is that everything in there is most likely something no other department store has because most of it is vintage, so I feel like that makes the product unique. My favorite non-thrift shop store is H&M. That’s about half my wardrobe,” said Rainey. “My favorite thrift stores are in DC and New York City. Even though I’ve been to New York City once, their thrift stores amazed me.”

Many times fashion impacts where a person might want to live and how one might even decorate their home. Lauryn believes in big opportunities and in what’s best for her, and she named New York City or Atlanta as where she would most likely be in 10 years. “I want to be a psychologist, as a fashionable, music-loving, urban psychologist who lives in an urban city,” Rainey responded with a laugh. “What interests me about Psychology is helping people and finding out the logic behind the acts of the mentally ill, serial killers, rapists, and others who harm themselves or others. I would also like to help people who have developed mental disorders because of traumatic events that occurred in their lives.”

“I based my future off of my motives and my compassion. You can’t control your future but at the same time you can, because it’s based on your decisions. Do what you love. Fashion and music motivates me. What motivates you?” said Rainey.