What Inspires Student Fashion and Style?


Dresses all the way to the floor with powder wigs, to Nike and Adidas being top brands, fashion trends are changing all the time. For centuries, fashion and style have been changing and evolving for better and worse. What’s “in” today, may not be “in” next week. How do students stay “hip” to fashion, and furthermore, what are students’ inspirations for their style choices?

Karis Greene (18’) reports, “To be honest, the media, celebrities, and my friends all influence my style. Not that I’m stealing my friends’ styles, but if I see something I like, I want to try it out. ”  Brandy Price (’17) claims, “What inspires my style, is whatever’s clean, comfortable, and who’s in my class.” MaRissa Vastey (’17) recalls, “What inspires my style is how I’m feeling. My style is inspired by the way I’m feeling, I love to express my style on the way I feel like expressing it.”  Steven Deniston (’18) expresses “my style is very simple to choose, whatever I see in my closet is what I choose to wear.” Chelsey Adedoyin (’17) responds, “I like being comfortable. My style is really inspired by a singer by the name of Sza. I use Tumblr and Instagram for ideas when I need to get fancy.”  Lauryn Reid (’18) adds, “My fashion choices are very simple. I like to pick out my clothes the night before school so I have enough time to play around with what looks good on me. I also get a lot of my inspiration from Twitter, and Instagram”

Fashion is different for every person, and it’s a way that students express themselves. There are so many things that contribute to a person’s fashion and style choices. Culture, personality, friends, and the media all contribute to everyday fashion choices. Style and fashion are important to students because peers have a huge influence on many of students’ choices, and staying “hip” allows students to bond over more than school. With social media being a big part of a student’s everyday life, it seems to be the greatest common factor in students’ fashion choices. Fashion is very important to students because it allows them to express themselves and experiment with clothes to see what style fits them the most.