“Bohemian Nights” North Point’s 2016 Prom


Almost every senior dreams about prom. It’s the final night to party, to spend with classmates and close friends. It’s the night to let go of the stress about the future. But a different stress could be created leading up to prom. Stress of finding the perfect dress, date and money for all the expenses.

North Point’s prom is going to be held on Saturday, April 30th, at Colony South Hotel. The theme, “Bohemian Nights” seems to be an exciting and creative trademark for this year’s prom. For a short while North Point students were not too keen on having their prom at Colony South Hotel. “Last year’s prom was at a better location. Colony South doesn’t look so great. The price I’m paying for tickets doesn’t seem to match the location. I mean it’s prom, so I have to go. It’s part of the High School experience,” said Jonathan Wallas (16′). Prom tickets were on sale for 75$ the first week and 85$ the second week. Dinner is not included. It may seem outrageous for some.

Proms have changed dramatically in the 2000s compared to the 80s and 90s. “Prom seems to be more of a bigger deal. The last prom I chaperoned there was limos after limos full of students. My prom was a lot cheaper when I was in high school,” said Mr. Fletcher, an English teacher at North Point.

Despite the disappointment, many seniors are looking forward to slaying prom with their beautiful gowns and tuxedos. Of course there will be friendly competition to see who had the best hair, dress, and tux, all in good fun. Hopefully the seniors this year will enjoy the “night of nights.”