Do What You Love


North Point has a lot of talented students, but some stand out amongst others. In the beginning of the school year, he was noticed as an unfamiliar face in classes. Knowing most of the 11th grade class, people didn’t know this one particular person. His name is Ryan Murrel (11th). Ryan has artistic talents that he cherishes. Not only can he draw and sketch really well, but he also creates his own beats.

A little about Ryan is that prior to North Point he was homeschooled from the second grade up until tenth grade. Homeschooling is almost every student’s dream. To not have to go through waking up early and to not worry about what to wear seems like heaven. “There are aspects of both home and public school. There are people and experiences that I sometimes miss from homeschooling, but at the same time the friends that I’ve made now and academic opportunities at North Point have become very important to me” Murrel explained “Though if there was one thing I did miss from being at home is that I didn’t have to wake up early.”

Some might say doesn’t almost every teenage boy dream of being an artist and making it big in the music industry? Ryan is different. Music and art is merely a hobby that he enjoys. Ryan’s aspiration in the future is to major in biomechanics so that he can work with prosthetics. Since art is also a huge passion of Ryan’s, he wants to minor in art along with his major, “I have an interest in figuring out new ways to use our natural resources to help people,” said Murrel.

Every artist has a genre whether it’s Hip Hop, R&B or Pop. Liking all types of music, Ryan chose Contemporary jazz or modern music as his influence. Classical piano helped his start in creating music. “Art as a whole has been a big part of my life since I can remember, along with writing and music…I’m not too great with lyrics though so I’ll leave that to somebody else,” Murrel answered with a grin.

Most people don’t think of working hard as a hobby because creating art and music isn’t as easy as one may think. Ryan is a motivated and talented student who aspires to become successful in the future. Ever stop and look at what your good at and what inspires you. What you love should apply to your future.