Thespian Awards Show (And Inductions)


Arianna Howard, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, theater students put their blood, sweat, and tears into their productions, and now is the time for their effort to be recognized. On the evening of May 6, students gathered in the auditorium to attend the 8th annual Theatre Awards Show. Hosting the show was Robby Munroe (’17) and Maiah Jones (’17), featuring performances from students like Asante Ma’at (’19), Solomon Stewart (’18), Christian Price (’18), and Gabe Dizon (’18). The Trophy Boy for the night was Jacob Steele (’16), who would ultimately win the male Hall of Fame Award.


As Maiah Jones put it, “[the awards show] means we didn’t put all of our work in [the shows] for nothing. It’s nice to be recognized for the good work we did by our peers and the people around us.” The show also provides a chance for the students to say goodbye to the seniors one last time.


Here is a list of all the awards and their winners:

-Most Promising Freshman: Asante Ma’at

-Most Promising Newcomer: Xavier Prince (’18)

-Best Ensemble Member: Jacob Steele

-Best Duet in a Musical: Lauren Flynn (’16) and Andrew Geier (’16) in “I Eat More” from Willy Wonka

-Best Solo in a Musical: Miina Tarjamo (’18) in “I Want it Now” from Willy Wonka

-Best Character Part: Christian Price (’18) as Grandpa George in Willy Wonka

-Best Ad-Lib: Solomon Stewart with “Maybe they died from all that cabbage soup” in Willy Wonka

-Best Group: Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka

-Best Line Delivery: Andrew Geier with “Yah!” from Willy Wonka

-Best Dramatic Scene: Asante Ma’at and Solomon Stewart in “Cheer Up Charlie” from Willy Wonka

-Best Comedic Moment: Asante Ma’at and Xavier Prince in Wonka’s Proposal from Willy Wonka

-Best Coffeehouse Act: Solomon Stewart

-Best Supporting Actress: Miina Tarjamo as Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka

-Best Supporting Actor: Luciano Benjamin (’17) as Ralph in Father Knows Best

-Best Male Technician: Joshua Leginze (’17)

-Best Female Technician: Kailei Immler (’17)

-Best Actress: Aliyah Barnes (’16) as Betty in Father Knows Best

-Best Actor: Solomon Stewart as Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka

-Volunteer of the Year: Amanda Crehan

-Thespian Spirit Award: Liz Nesbit (’17)

-Male Hall of Fame: Jacob Steele

-Female Hall of Fame: Morgan Kline (’16)

-Director’s Choice Award: Kacie Danek (’16)


As well as the awards, the show includes a ceremony for the students who are being inducted into the International Thespian Society. The inductees this year are Robby Munroe, Samantha Blondell (’16), Samantha Denison (’18), Shekinah Walker (’17), Luciano Benjamin, Jessica Adams (’16), Julia Rivenburg (’17), Maiah Jones, Michael Bailey (’17), Asante Ma’at, Xavier Prince, James Adkins (’16), Francesca Bianco (’17), and Mya Rivenburg (’19).


There are so many talented individuals in the theatre department but they could always use more, so be sure to get involved next year for the chance to be recognized.