Student Spotlight: Fiona Quenano


With the end of the school year approaching fast, many students are trying to make the best of their year. As seniors prepare to move onto the next stages of their lives, many juniors are focusing on finishing up the year, becoming seniors—and for some, accomplishing both. However, for Fiona Quenano (17’), life revolves around three things: academics, extracurricular activities, and her hobbies outside of school; and furthermore, she is just as enthusiastic for tomorrow as she is for the day of her graduation.

Since freshman year, Quenano has immersed herself in many school activities. Some clubs and activities that she has been affiliated with include the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Academic Eagles, Student 2 Student, SkillsUSA, and also the Varsity Tennis team. In addition to this, she is also involved in her Drafting S.T.I. “My S.T.I. is about architecture. I learn how to draw floor plans and design buildings and houses,” stated Quenano.

In addition to how busy she is with clubs and activities, Quenano always makes it her priority to achieve good grades. However, besides being a Principal’s Honor Roll student, her other accomplishments are just as impressive, more diverse and three-dimensional. “My biggest accomplishment is getting gold/first place in States for the SkillsUSA American Spirit Award. My partner, Elizabeth Lopez (17’), and I are going to the SkillsUSA National Competition in June in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve also been extremely happy to be part of the tennis team! I have had so much fun playing on varsity along with my partner, Natalie Jumaoas (18’). We were both ranked number seven in SMAC and we were also the furthest team to almost reach regionals here at North Point,” shared Quenano.

While the accomplished student has already had a great three years, she aspires to make her next and final year in high school even more spectacular. Additionally, she hopes to attend a four-year university after she graduates in order to receive a Doctorates Degree. “I want to do something in the medical field because I want to help people in anyway that I can,” shared Quenano. Moreover, Quenano is excited for her long-term future; however, she is just as ecstatic for summer break to arrive. “I like to travel, draw, play the piano, and spend time with my family. Hopefully I’ll have time to do all of these things when summer break comes,” expressed Quenano.