Last Of The 90’s Babies

Amani Jackson , Staff Writer

This year’s seniors are graduating. What does that mean? It means the juniors will become seniors next school year. 2017’s senior class is something special. As others may know, the graduating class of 2017 are the last babies of the 90’s. Although next year’s graduation could be a milestone, graduation isn’t just a walk in the park. There are a lot of stressful things that lead up to graduation.

Senior year comes with perks and special occasions, like senior picnics, senior week, prom, and school letting out early. All this excitement does come with anxious minds. “I’m very excited for senior year, but hearing all the stress the seniors had to go through just to graduate it seems overwhelming, like with the senior portfolios and all the expenses that senior year costs. I want to relax,” said Shelby Hodges (17’).

The summer before senior year is the most important. That’s when juniors stress about taking ACT’s and SAT’s. With balancing work and college admissions, there is no time to take a break in the summer. “I plan to work this summer to have money for college. College is no joke and is very expensive so working I think gives me money to put aside for college textbooks, supplies, and food,” said Tailor Gammons (17’).

“North Point to me has helped me grow as a responsible student and because of that, I think senior year may be less stressful than others say. We should be excited because us 90’s babies are graduating,” Octavia Doughty (17’) explained, “Whats not to be excited about?”