Student Spotlight: Terrence Munn


Terrence Munn (’16) showing off his style.

Celeste Brown, Staff Writer

At North Point, you can find many different styles and trends among the hundreds of students. Terrence Munn (’16) describes his signature look as “urban and sophisticated.” Munn gains his outfit inspiration from fashion icons like Rihanna and Kanye West, then puts his own spin on it by choosing certain pieces that look best on him.

Before he came to high school, Munn didn’t care too much about how people perceived him. He wore what was comfortable or convenient, not necessarily what fit his style. Then, around eighth grade, he began to figure out what clothing he liked and what he disliked. He takes pride in fashion because it shows “a dimension of creativity in the world.” In his opinion, it is another art form that should be respected just like the rest. Munn is able to show his style by switching up the different brands he wears, like Supreme and Zara. However, he still has to hold back from complete self-expression due to the dress code.

After high school, Munn will enroll in the College of Southern Maryland, then Morgan State University. He plans to become “well-versed in the business aspect of fashion” so he can have a profession in the field he is most passionate about.