The Choir’s Café Concert


It may be the end of the year, but students can reflect on this year’s events to provide them with something to look forward to next year. One of those events is when the choirs and students come together to put on the fan-favorite, Café Concert. On May 13, at 7:00 P.M. in the cafeteria, every choir got together to perform ensemble pieces and students got onstage to sing some of their favorite songs. Family and friends sat in the audience, enjoying the soft ambiance and ice cream provided by Cold Stone Creamery as the students put on a great performance.

To open the show, Eagles in Harmony performed the hit Adele song, “Hello,” providing a great start for the night. As for the other choirs throughout the night, Women’s Choir performed “Flashlight,” Concert Choir sang Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” oNPoint performed “Stand By Me,” Eagles in Harmony returned with “Best Day of My Life,” and Chamber Choir finished with a Fun Medley that featured, “Some Nights,” “We Are Young,” and “Carry On.”

Between all these ensemble pieces, however, small groups and soloists performed, like Justin Mines (’16), Solomon Stewart (’18), Aliyah Barnes (’16), and many more. One solo performer, Brandon Powell (’18) described the Café Concert as “…different from other concerts because it’s less formal and you can really get to see more about people and their performance is individualized. I feel like a leaned a lot about people by watching their performances and their movements onstage.” Powell explained that “Performing at the concert was electrifying, honestly… having that light focused on me while having friends and family cheer me on was amazing, I honestly couldn’t describe it.”

As the final concert of the year, many expect this show to be a sort of finale, sending off the seniors with one last hurrah. Powell describes the concert as, “…a great way to end the year. It’s kind of a way to just let loose after all the hard work we put in over the year. It’s really just the culmination of our efforts and it really shows how talented individually we all are.”

Certainly, after a year of hard work for the choir students, this was an amazing show to close out an amazing year. With a show like this, it is certainly going to be even better next year.