An Astrophysicist in the Making


Whether it be behind the curtains of the theatre, on the computer in Drafting, or on a sewing machine in Textiles & Apparel, you’re bound to find Dominique Cunningham (’17) hard at work. Over the last three years, Cunningham has maintained Principal’s Honor Roll and a 4.3 GPA even having taken classes such as AP US History and AP Language & Composition, as well as being enrolled in AP Literature and AP Human Geography.

As if her current accomplishments aren’t enough, this junior – quite literally – plans to shoot for the stars, aiming for a career as an astrophysicist. Cunningham intends to go to UMBC, Cornell, or Towson for a Doctorate in Astrophysics, and she certainly has the capability to do so with her intelligence and determination. “Space is just so interesting.” Says Cunningham, “Everyday we learn something new. Space is a true time machine because every time we look at the sky, we’re looking at the past yet trying to figure out the future.”

On top of her love for science, Cunningham is a fan of the arts. She has a history with the theatre department, assisting backstage for shows such as Father Knows Best and Willy Wonka. When asked why she enjoys theatre, Cunningham replied, “You don’t have to be yourself but at the same time, we really find ourselves. Even though I make the sets, I love seeing the impact I have on the final show, even though I’m not acting.”

When entering high school, Cunningham “… thought it would be like in the movies where there are distinguished groups of people I was going to have to try to interact with but it’s not like that at all.” On how her years in high school, have impacted her, she describes how she’s become “more aware” of herself and others. “I understand what I can and can’t do but at the same time, I want my friends to be the best they can be because they’re going to go great places.” And as she enters her senior year, she says that she is “… excited to end high school but I know I’m going to have to bring my A-game since colleges are going to look at my final grades. It’s going to be stressful but I’m ready.”

Dominique Cunningham is a student that many others can look up to. “I would tell future freshman to focus.” She advises, “High school is where a lot of firsts happen and that can be fun, but you can’t go far if you don’t figure out a range for your abilities.” She is hardworking and determined, making her a wonderful mentor for younger students.