Seniors: Where Are They Now?


Our North Point alumni, Edward Park and Cameron Young, have already begun working on their post-high school activities. From taking a much-deserved break to planning their college careers, these graduates are taking advantage of their free time.

Before they could graduate, however, they put a lot of their effort into making our school a better place. Park and Young were both members of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Club. Young was a member during his sophomore, junior, and senior years while Young joined his friend for his senior year. They have presented during ceremonies, experimented with water testing, planted around the school, advertised the club to their peers, etc. Their hard work over the years has helped give North Point the title of Ocean Guardian School.

Currently, Park and Young are taking a break from school. This fall, Park will be taking his general studies at the College of Southern Maryland. Next summer, he plans on taking extra Calculus courses. Young is preparing for a math placement test for his enrollment into University of Maryland this upcoming fall.