Insight Into A Young Poet


Excerpt from one of Jacoab’s poems.

Dejah Marie, Staff Writer

Excerpt from one of Jacoab's poems.
Excerpt from one of Jacob’s poems.

Poetry is an art loved and appreciated by the masses. Poetry is all around us whether it’s known or not and it should be cherished. It’s a beauty. That being said,  people who enjoy, study and/or write their own poetry are interesting to know. Jacob Pierce is a young poet in Poet’s Workshop who loves writing. Discussing  why he writes Poety should give insight into the mind of a young poet.


Jacob started poetry because he has a creative way with words that showed exceptionally through his writing. He even writes songs or little raps just for fun. When Jacob was younger he would express himself through writing and drawing often. For Jacob, “after a while I started writing poetry as a means to give a single sheet of ordinary paper a deeper meaning with my own words, expressing myself.” As he grew older, Jacob felt he had to start taking his creativity to the next level and excel at what he loves.


The first poem Jacob read was by an unknown artist and at the time he was so young he couldn’t even comprehend it but, even at that age, he felt connected with this poem and strived to understand it. It was from  there on that he took all his love for writing about his emotions and gained a drive to incorporate them into poetry. Jacob’s reason for loving poetry is wholeheartedly ,“the thrill of how expressive I can be and how I do not have to restrict my thoughts and feeling as though it’s a way for me to be free.”