Student Feature: Ace Erikson


While being different can have its stigma, it can also be the source for empowerment. In the case of Ace Erikson (19’), staying true to oneself and being a unique individual are imperative values to him. In a school where the majority can sometimes appear to be comprised of cookie-cutter individuals, Erikson believes that it is important to not shy away from showing and embracing the true colors that distinguishes a person as an individual. “I perceive myself to be a very considerate and caring person who always stays true to who I am at heart. Being openly gay, I also have other friends that are in the LGBTQ community, so we’re always supporting each other,” shared the student.

In addition to Erikson’s values, he also expresses himself and his feelings in a myriad of different ways. “I’ve always loved language arts because I can usually express myself through my writing. Also, I just love to experience the work and feelings of others.” In addition to writing, the sophomore also finds other mediums to creatively express himself to the world. “I love makeup and art in general. I’m always experimenting with different color schemes when it comes to makeup application because I believe they boldly show how you’re feeling during that specific day,” stated Erikson.

Overall, while Erikson is truly passionate about supporting others and finding peculiar ways to embrace his identity, he is also focused on the future. “After high school, I’m currently thinking about two possible fields that I want to pursue. Firstly, I’ve been interested in becoming a computer technician because I have always had a knack for technology. However, I would also love to become a psychologist because helping people would be a dream come true for me,” expressed Erikson. Whatever the case may be, this sophomore student is a leading example for others who might not be fully comfortable being themselves or expressing their true identities. Conclusively, through publicly being his true self, he has allowed others to similarly follow his path, and for that, he has already helped a select handful of his fellow students.