University’s Importance in the Eyes of Students


Dejah Marie, Staff Writer

University is something everyone has on their mind the closer they get to ending high school. Going to university or college can bring about many possibilities for future employment and expanding career opportunities. Just the experience alone can open your mind to new things and change a person’s course in life completely.


Freshman Nihyu Dejene is just starting to get a taste of more serious subjects that are really working to prep her for university. She is getting closer to the reality of making the choice to go to university. At this point in her life, Dejene views university as “a good pathway to prepare for what you want to be in the future.”


Senior Justice Moore, in her few months left in high school, has already chosen where she wants to go for university and that she wants to pursue a career in Law, due to her motivation to help people. She believes that going to university, “is a necessity based off of your future profession,” coming from a family where going to university is highly encouraged.


Although it is nice to hear students’ thoughts on university, hearing from someone who is finishing their sophomore year in university is ideal. Shakira Miles is just now finishing her sophomore year at the University of Arizona, majoring in communications. She has had a ton of insight in her almost two years attending university. Miles says that during her high school career, college was definitely something she saw as a great opportunity to “aid her in finding a job concerning communications.” However, Miles also believes that money be considered when choosing a university. She says that overall it is a “good investment to attend some form of college in general because most jobs might only hire you if you have some form of a degree from college.”


University/college is a great opportunity and it is important to prioritize events in your life properly complete your goals. Many people dream of education that they will never get, so taking education seriously is necessary. Also for people who fear not knowing what to major in during college, you can always apply to colleges and universities as an undecided major. For the people who want to go through college, but do not want to spend tons of money, going to community college for a few years is a good option to gain college level education at a much lower price. Going to community college after high school also makes applying for universities easier, rather than just not going to college at all then applying.  Education is never something to look over, and going to university can help cushion you if your career does pan out well because the higher your education, the chance of an occupation with high income is.