Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Winner Shelby Green


Ana Benitez, Staff Writer

The Distinguished Young Women (DYW) is a nonprofit program, and the largest and oldest of its type. They have been providing both scholarships and grants to high school junior girls across the country since 1985. These young women are evaluated by their transcripts, personality, ability to relate to others, maturity, self-expression, talent, fitness level, and more.

This year junior Shelby Green took first in the scholastic category and won the overall competition. Ms. Green said that the competition was “a great experience that I would recommend to all junior girls.”

Ms. Green had been preparing for this competition for some time. She attended fitness classes from 8am-4pm prior to the competition, practiced her flute recital, and prepared herself to answer interview questions. Green not only is dedicated but she is a well-rounded scholar and athlete. She has a 4.625 GPA, is in the Education Careers STI, takes three AP courses, is a competitive varsity swim team member, and plays the flute for the symphonic band. In addition to all this, Green  is also heavily involved in the student community; claiming titles like National Honor Society member, chairperson of BOCC, National Technical Honor Society member, Skills USA member, CCPL Teen Advisory Board member, and Destination Imagination member.  Her future plans include applying for the UVA Jefferson Scholarship, and competing at the DWY state competition on July 8th.

Other winners from North Point include Deja Oliver, who took the interview category, and Heaven Hogue, who won the fitness category. The winner of each category is awarded $250 dollars. The overall winner receives a $1000 dollar prize, and the invitation to compete at the state competition. All state winners participate in the National Finals which is held in Mobile, where they give away $150,000 in cash tuition scholarships. All female sophomore students who might be interested in applying next year should talk to Mrs. Grow in the college center, and/or visit the DYW website, http://distinguishedyw.org/.