Leaving Your Mark


There are many creative and unique students at North Point High School. Whether it is in the arts, poetry, theater, sports or leadership, many students show their individuality of what they excel in. Chelsey Adedoyin (17′) is one of those students. Last year, Chelsey and a group of students put together a club called ASA, which stands for African Student Association. With the help of Mrs. Hosendorf, the club’s sponsor, the club made its debut in May of 2016. ASA is a nationwide organization that represents African culture and students who have African roots. “I wanted to start ASA specifically because I saw other schools doing it and I desperately wanted to be a part of it. I thought that starting a club at North Point couldn’t be too difficult,” said Adedoyin. “I thought that creating this club will create a more diverse atmosphere at North Point by showcasing the aspects of our culture.” Adedoyin knew the difficult task of creating and organizing a club. She knew that being a leader is a challenge and she was ready for it. Balancing school and the club, she has found a way to do both.

Just recently, Chelsey and ASA planned their first major event. “I was stressing a lot. There was so much to do with so little time, but I knew it could be finished. With the help of my ASA officers, Tiara and Amani, planning the decades fashion show and performances, I felt confident in the turn out of the event,” said Adedoyin. Chelsey would like to take her creative skills to the next level after highschool. Although she wants to be involved with music and the arts, Chelsey would like to become a pharmacist and own her own pharmacy. What inspires Chelsey is her parents. They inspired her to go to college and study biology in order to achieve her goals. “I am a very driven person and I thank my parents for making me that way. Because of that whatever I put my mind to I have the ability to achieve that,” explained Adedoyin. “To people who want to make a mark in the world, I would say never give up. Even when times get hard you should never give up, especially on something you believe. Stay focused, create goals, drink water and be positive.” Senior year is the year to leave your mark and the year to make something for yourself. By creating this club Chelsey has left her mark on North Point.