A Good Samaritan


Alex Huibsch, Editor-In-Chief

Sometimes, it can seem like friendly and trustworthy people are hard to come by. That being said, there are kind people that can be overlooked in large crowds, such as the student populace here at North Point. For Hunter Bowling (17’), he tries to be a force of positivity around the school as he goes about his day. “I know how much it can suck to be down in the dumps, so whenever I see a person who looks upset or depressed, I try to talk to them and cheer them up,” expressed Bowling. Furthermore, if one walks past the senior at Nest, he can be seen carrying out a multitude of kind tasks when no one is looking. “I’ve seen him sit with strangers, hold doors for people, and pick up trash in the hallways. I know he always makes me laugh and brightens my day when I speak to him,” shared Callie Maginnis (17’).

In addition to the kindness that is exuded by the student, he is involved with school activities and regularly displays his talents. From symphonic band to engineering, there is no doubt that Bowling has a demanding schedule. “We recently just had a huge concert last week with neighboring schools, so that was pretty fun. Throughout the year, I’ve been practicing my parts on the trumpet, so it was nice to see everything come to fruition,” said Bowling. “In addition to that, my engineering classes have been keeping me occupied, to say the least. I recently just finished making a neat ear bud/wire retractor for one of my larger projects.”

Other than the senior student’s involvement with the school, he also indulges in other recreational activities outside of school. “I recently just started playing drums, so I really enjoy hopping on the set and going to town. Other than that, I can’t really say that my life is all that interesting,” Bowling jokes. “I do enjoy playing old school video games, cards, and going on walks with friends.” Overall, Bowling plans to attend the College of Southern Maryland for two years, and then transfer to the University of Maryland. Until then, he is in no rush to get out of high school, as he loves being around his friends and classmates here at North Point.