Grinding towards Spring Break


The academic tradition is nearing its prime where students in the United States have a vacation period. Occurring in early spring at universities and schools, spring break is also known as Easter vacation, Easter Holiday, March break, and Mid-Term Break. While in high school, students experience spring break as a much-needed break after the tireless month of March where off-days are limited. Spring break is a chance for students to have a breather from school, which averages to a week off from school. Jared Vest (12th) says, “I’m going to use my spring break and go to Colonial Beach with my family.”

For University students, spring break can expand beyond a normal vacation. There are spring break destinations, which most famously includes Florida. More specifically Panama City Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale has a reputation of attracting college students. There was a historic period where college students in the 1950s were influenced by a movie to get together for spring break, which attracted 350,000 students to the area. Locals were very unhappy with the damage caused by the spring breakers and the local government established laws which greatly influenced the number of college students from the 350,000 four years prior to 20,000.

Starting in the late 90’s, Panama City Beach began advertising the destination hoping to attract crowds that had formerly gone to Fort Lauderdale and then Daytona before those communities established restrictions. From 2010-2015 an estimated 300,000 students traveled to the destination. The spawn of social media and digital marketing helped propel the beach town into a student mecca during March. After bad publicity, several new ordinances were put into effect prohibiting drinking on the beach and establishing a bar closing time of 2AM Central Time. Jackoby Wilson (12th) said, “It’s good that the city is protecting the city from damage by setting those ordinances.” It is common for major brands that cater to the youth market to advertise at spring break destinations. Just remember to stay safe for spring break and be responsible.