You’ve graduated, so what’s next?


The school year is ending and seniors are leaving soon. This means that the goals seniors set for their lives are starting to come into reality, especially when it comes to their ambitions and careers they wish to pursue after high school. After graduating high school, there are many opportunities for seniors to pursue. Therefore, during high school it is important for students to start thinking about what exactly they plan on doing.

Senior Tyriek Joseph says that he plans to start his college career in the spring and then major in film.  He even takes classes dealing with film and computers right now to prepare him for what he wants to major in. Joseph says that he has always liked film and he wants to major in it because he wants to pursue a career doing things he wants to and that will make him happy. He says, “Working out of joy is better than working just to get by.”

Senior Justice Moore says she would like to attend university in the fall and major in law. She says that she has always wanted to “do a job in which she can help people.” Moore has taken classes such as law and AP classes to expedite her career choice. Moore even is a member of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) which she is glad to be a part of and it gives her preparation for her major.

Another Senior, Jacob Pierce, plans to go to trade school after graduating high school. He wants to work toward being an iron worker. His father influenced his decision.  He has made a career out of it, so Pierce was greatly influenced by him. However, he also says he wanted to do it because he thinks the job sounds “fun and difficult.”

With seniors leaving high school behind and beginning the path towards their future, it is important to remember to reach for goals. Many people go through high school knowing what their goals are and pursuing them, some figure them out during high school, and for others it takes being in high school to figure out what you don’t like and what you want to take on next and make the best out of it. Getting through high school is the easy part, but entering the real world is where things get tough, so knowing where you are headed is important.