Diamonds Are Forever


Amani Jackson, Staff Writer

North Point HS, “Diamonds Are Forever”, prom was held last Saturday and turned out to be a dazzling success. The annual event is somewhat of a formal gathering for leaving seniors. This year’s prom was held at a beautiful ceremonial venue in Greenbelt, called Martin’s Crosswinds. Expectations for this year’s prom were high, as students thought it wouldn’t be a disappointment like last year’s.

Everyone has an interpretation of how prom should be. Everyone wants a nice, fancy driver with a car. They want to look the best and stand out. They want all the glitz and glam. Everyone wants to shine. Students started organizing preparations for prom as early as January so that everything could be pristine. Preparing for prom can be overwhelming and can cause students to feel unenthused about the whole experience. “I started getting ideas for what to wear in January and ordered my dress in March. When April came I thought I had everything planned until I got my dress and I hated it. I was freaking out on the inside but trying to look unbothered on the outside. If I ordered another dress, it would not come in time. I had two weeks to get everything prepared. I started to regret prom, because everything wasn’t going as planned,” Symone Coats (12) commented, “But then I found a dress I liked and ended up having a pretty good time. I will tell you the only thing I didn’t like was the choice in music.”

While students prepared frantically for prom, others couldn’t care less. “I went to prom last year. I enjoyed it, but I decided not to go this year. My experience of prom was that it was a competition. Who had the best dress? Who had the best makeup? Who had gotten the most retweets and favorites? To me I did not like that aspect of prom,” commented Kristin Wood (12), “I don’t think it’s funny to look down on someone who maybe doesn’t have a better dress than you or to lose your confidence because you think someone looks better than you. That causes a damper in your mood.” Everyone has his or her own interpretation of prom. Some think it is overrated and a waste of money, and others think it’s necessary and a once in a lifetime experience. Besides the different views, this year’s prom was an outstanding success and students did enjoy themselves.