A Novel That Leaves an Intense Impression

A Novel That Leaves an Intense Impression

Dejah Marie, Staff Writer

The Kite Runner is a novel that all AP literature students were required to read this year. However, many students made the decision not to read the book at all or bail on it after reading a few chapters. So why is Kite Runner a book someone should take the time to read? The book is written by Khaled Hosseini and it is a book that is very controversial and very well written. This novel is known to gain many diverse opinions about whether it was a good read or not. The novel is a riveting fictional piece that shares the journey of a boy growing into adulthood and the obstacles he faced and how he managed to overcome them.

Many students who have taken the time to read the book see it as unforgettable and worth the read because of the story line. Claire Seaton (12th) said the book was a “true emotional journey.” The story can enrich anyone’s life and add a new point of view. Seaton also said it added “a new point of view to her life,” which was a goal of the author.

The book is also popular for how unpredictable the story line is and how personal it is as well. Katarina Buckley (12th) said that she enjoyed the book for its unique aspects. She loved that it “didn’t cater to what she expected or wanted.”  The book also gives an in depth analysis of the other characters that leaves you attached to them. According to The Atlantic, Khaled Hosseini even has said that he’s “interested in looking at people and situations from different points of view,” which explains his complex character development and story lines. It makes readers as if they’re a voyeur into the protagonist’s life.  The complexity of the story line makes the novel an emotional roller coaster that leaves the audience touched and compelled. Buckley, a big fan of the book, said, “there will be tears, but from them there is growth”, after reading the novel because of the many themes in the novel.

The novel is also riveting because of its authenticity. The novel is critiqued because it is quiet realistic and the author does not hold back on what the protagonist experiences. The novel does not shy away from the reality making the story almost too real for it to only be a fictional piece. The novel has some graphic scenes in it that many may not view as suitable for children in general.  However, this is also why many people love the novel. Jonathan Wallace, (12th) who viewed the novel as “sensational,” says he likes that the Hosseini “doesn’t hide any cruelty or violence.” The lack of censorship gives readers better insight into the life of someone who lived lavishly then losing their homeland to tyranny. Wallace also believes “The author displayed an amazing talent of describing each characters lifestyle through the novel.”

The Kite Runner is a completely engrossing novel. It is a novel that you will not be able to put down. It’s not a typical hero story or artificially happy novel, but a story about growth, failure, morals, and redemption; something most people experience during some point in their lives.