A Rare Talent From an Interesting Student


There are many interesting students that walk the halls of North Point High School, however, you might have noticed someone who stands out. You might have seen him passing by with his knitting equipment while greeting you in many different languages. That student is Nathan Rush Hubbell (12th), who has very unique hobbies that most would have never thought of. He likes Capoeira, botany, and physiology, and far as languages, he knows English, Spanish, and sign language fluently and has lost count over the other languages he’s learning. However, knitting is a truly unique activity he does during school for his own interesting reasons.

Hubbell said he started knitting simply because he “saw his sister knitting and crocheting and wanted to learn.” Now he has been knitting for 8 years in total. He also was inspired by his grandmother, and he also views knitting as a “relaxing” hobby and hopes that people may be willing to pay for some of his work. One of his works involves a sweater he is planning to make for himself.

The fact that Hubbell knits is already very peculiar because knitting is not often a popular hobby for adolescents. Hubbell actually uses his knitting skills to speak to his friends through Morse code. He says that when he meets up with his friends, he likes to “show them Morse code he knitted.” He started to learn Morse code a few years ago and began incorporating it into his knitting a few weeks ago. He says that using Morse code in his kitting is “an interesting way to pass messages.” Hubbell has always been interested in communication, so finding different ways to speak to people is something he enjoys.