The Fate of Electronics:


Jacob A. Longoria, Staff Writer

As the 2016-2017 school year draws to a close, many Science, Technology, and Industry – or STIs – programs here at North Point are winding down and packing up for the next year. The Electronics STI however, is a program hanging in the balance. Recently, North Point has deemed the Electronics program obsolete, and plans to replace the program with one that focuses more on cyber security.

To students the change was no surprise. “The program never had an end goal in mind. It was just another class, we didn’t learn much of anything,” says North Point Senior Seth Archie. Electronics for many years now has had no real goal, other than to understand the workings of circuitry, a little bit of physics, and robotics. While it is nice to have an understanding of these things, what is their place in our education?

North Point’s recently appointed Electronics STI director, Mr. Tim Yauch, had a few choice words on the programs state of being, “I never really understood why they had this curriculum. The material taught in the classroom is now twenty to thirty years obsolete. The reality is, what we are teaching is done by machines now.” If North Point’s Science, Technology, and Industry programs are supposed to prepare us for jobs in the “real world,” what is the use of a program that teaches jobs that machines can already do in a much more efficient and perfect fashion?

With no real purpose left for the Electronics program, it is time to turn a new leaf and evolve with the times. Out with circuitry and in with training the next generation of defenders for our nation! It is time for Cyber Security to come to North Point!