Get Tech-Savvy for CSEd Week [December 4-10]


The world of code and information technology comes to our school via an event known as CSEd Week. CSE or Computer Science Education is the process of teaching students around the world the basics of the computers that we use in our everyday lives. Starting in 2009, CSEd Week has become one of the largest learning activities in mankind; reaching nearly half a billion people across the world. The program was started by and they believe in promoting the value of computer science to all students. North Point will be sharing these activities in a few weeks and many of our teachers are getting excited for this event.

There will be three activities held at the school for CSEd Week. The first will be integrating computer science lessons across the curriculum. Teachers will use aspects of computer science to teach and will determine how it influences their teacher skills. They will observe if computer science makes a difference in the way students learn. The second activity is the unplugged program. Students will complete multiple computer science activities without the actual use of computers, like making digital posters. This is to emphasize the importance of computers in our lives and allow students to learn about and appreciate them as well. The final and most popular activity is the hour of code. Students will login onto and complete various activities and programs that teach them the basics of coding. There are many instructional aids and vivid designs that all provide a creatively informative experience. Please note that these activities are at your teacher’s discretion.
All of the CSEd Week are authorized and approved by Principal Kaple, for Charles County itself is a partner with Many of our ACS (Advanced Computer Science) teachers will be promoting the upcoming week. Mr. Greenawalt states, “Computer science is one the most important forces in the growing technological age and it changes the world. CSEd allows students to understand the importance of computer science and be able to participate in this process.” Fellow teacher, Ms. Cole adds to this saying, “This is a very good way to expose those who aren’t already into computer science to a new world of interesting and complex experiences. The others teachers promoting these activities are Mr. Dahm, Ms. Alleyne, and Ms. Stahl.

CSEd Week will take place December 4-10. Teachers are highly encouraged to participate, however are not required to. If you would like any more information, go to or the aforementioned Its time to look into the new world growing right before our very eyes.