BYOD Coming To the North Point Scene


Kaseem Bennett, Staff Writer

Technology is on the rise and so are the North Point Eagles. Beginning next week 11/13, the school will be BYOD (Bring your own device). Now, what does this mean? This new set of regulations will allow students to use their devices in the classroom setting. Not for fun, but for educational arrangements.

With the new system, students will be able to incorporate their own cellular devices into lessons. To reiterate, just because the school is about to be BYOD does not mean students will be allowed to have phones out during the NEST period, unless told so by a teacher. The BYOD system is made for the learning environment to be more interactive and more innovative. The school systems are getting with the times as they are replacing chalk boards with smart boards. “It sounds good in theory, but I’m hoping for the best,” says multimedia teacher Mrs. Bogart.

Students are excited about the new changes. “I like that we’re finally becoming BYOD”, senior Kameryn Brinkley says. North Point has been holding back on the idea for a while and has finally come to terms with the times. Hopefully students take advantage of this new opportunity and better the school and themselves.