Fernando Avila Makes a Splash


Kristina Dawkins, Staff Writer

The Swim team is well off the diving board since their start last year and so far, North Point has been riding the wave of a winner.

The Swim teams are filled to the rim with talented swimmers such as 10th grader Fernando Avila. Avila is a determined young man who believes he can make a difference through his actions in the world. He strives to reach success not only in the water, but in the classroom. His values and aspirations transfer into all that he does, and that includes the swim team.

When trying out, you must have your body, mind, and soul in the same pool. You must believe you can make it and push yourself to prove it. Avila went into try outs with the mindset of giving it his all and proving that he is “worthy of being on the county’s premier swim team.” With this motivation in mind, the young swimmer was able to secure his rightful spot on the team for a second year.

Swim season, as any sport, has its ups and downs. Even with a group of swimmers as skilled as North Point’s, losses are a part of the game. That’s why Avila believes that it is essential to ” leave no doubt that you swam your hardest. Even if you fall short of the win, you’ll always know that you gave it your all.” This is what makes a team as resilient as North Point’s. He and his teammates are constantly relying on one another to do their best, and give their 100%, and because of this mindset, they’re able to succeed on fresh, new levels. Avila himself was able to place in the top 3 for his heat multiple times during the season! This, along with the many other accomplishments of the Swim team proves just how motivated and determined the team is to keep and honor their spot as the premier swim team in the county.

Making the Swim team is great accomplishment, as only the best can join the flock. Avila has proved his love and determination for the sport by going out of his way to get “extensive practice and experience” outside of school. The optimistic swimmer plans to try out for the third time again next year, and his senior year. He’s not only eager to do so because he wants to improve on his skills, but because he “wants to become more of a leader on the team and guide incoming swimmers to help make them better.” Avila wants the tadpoles to “feel like they’re part of the team.”

The Swim team is more of a family than a team. They work together through turbulent waters to reach towards the top. A great team has good swimmers and a motivating coach, but North Point has a family, with circulating support and optimism that turns out only the best of the best.

As Avila believes, it is not about the fact that you made a mistake, but what you do with your situation. If you tried your hardest, and know this as a fact in your heart, then you are the true winner. Worry about giving your best, as what you believe is what will manifest.