Has Spring Really Sprung?


Snowy cherry blossoms struggle to bloom in D.C. on the first day of spring.

Melanie Battle, Editor-in-Chief

When thoughts of the season of spring are conjured up in one’s mind, a portrait is painted of new buds on trees and an array of  blooming, beautiful, colorful flowers, with melodies of chirping birds soaring through the warm air. This year, however has been quite the opposite of a stereotypical spring day.

The first day of spring has come and gone and the weather has the majority of the DMV questioning if the seasons have actually changed. All throughout the day, the weather was rainy and chilly. There was no warmth in the air whatsoever. At one point, the consistent showers transitioned into sleet. Tiny pellets of ice began to rain down on the students of North Point as school let out. That was only the beginning of what was to come. As the day went on, the rain never let up. As day transitioned to night, snow began to fall.

The very next day, there was so much snow on the ground, school had been canceled for many counties in the DMV area, Charles County being just one. Students were excited to have a day off from school in the middle of the week, but were still confused if it was still winter or if it was spring. When asked if she went outside in the snow, Junior Amiliana Berry explained, “No I did not. I hate snow, but I looked at it. You know this is called swinter, right?”

All throughout the day, snow continuously fell, which meant that parents forced their children to go out in the freezing cold to shovel the snow. Junior Danny Beverly did just that on his day off. “I shoveled the snow and had a snowball fight,” he disclosed.

In the past few years, the weather has been acting  slightly peculiar. The number of hurricanes have been astronomical and there have been blisteringly hot summers and bitterly cold winters, so snow on the first and second days of spring shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Everyone is just trying to keep up with the ever evolving world.