High School Teacher Discharges Gun


Dennis Alexander, cop and local teacher

Maya Miller, Staff Writer

Dennis Alexander, a reserve cop at Seaside High School in California, “accidently” discharged his gun in front of students during a talk devoted to public safety. Alexander is also a math teacher and teaches a course on administration justice, whom during a demonstration reportedly aimed at the ceiling and without having known his gun was loaded, discharged his firearm. Debris fell from the ceiling, injuring one male student with non-life-threatening injuries. “It’s inconsiderate. A complete disregard for public safety,” lectures senior Lia Cole. Just another reason why teachers should not be in possession of a firearm while on school campus.

However, the victim’s father Fermin Gonzales, claimed Alexander had told his class ahead of time that his gun was not loaded prior to the incident. Gonzales was in a rage when his 17-year-old son came home from school with blood on his shirt and bullet fragments in his neck.  According to the victim’s heartfelt mother, Crystal Gonzales, the incident occurred around 10:30 in the morning and she was not notified of the incident until her son called her hours later, having gone to a relative’s house.

After the incident, classes resumed normally, baffling senior Brittany Staton. “It’s stupid. Why didn’t he take the student to the nurse? I understand teachers would want to resume classes but next time do that after you have taken care of your student.” Alexander formally apologized and was put on administrative leave while the school investigates further. This incident comes amid the Parkland shooting that occurred just one month ago, killing 17 students and teachers. The school, like many, debates how to protect students, including training teachers to carry firearms on school grounds, an idea recently favored by President Donald Trump.