The Start of Spring Brings Snow Showers


Washington D.C. during the Wednesday nor’easter

Kristina Dawkins, Staff Writer

Happy Spring, and hello to snowy weather!

The massive nor’easter on Wednesday dumped inches upon inches of heavy snow onto the East Coast. This is the East Coast’s 4th nor’easter in the past three weeks, with many not getting a chance to fully recover from the previous storm.

From D.C. to Philadelphia, the storm coated the roads and driveways of millions. In the D.C. Metro area, totals topped up to 16.5 inches in places such as Frederick County, Maryland. Some of the higher total settled in New York, their snow reaching 20.1 inches in Long Island.

Even with the frigid temperatures and biting winds, many in our area saw these treacherous conditions in a positive light.  10th grader Denazia Day expressed her thanks for the chilly snow day saying that “it was a good day to catch up on some sleep.” Many schools around the area called a code red, closing schools for students, and lightly ushering only essential employees to report to work.

Temperatures following the snow storm began to rise fairly quickly, going from the low 30s to the mid to high 40s within a matter of hours. Slowly the green of the grass was beginning to show again. Unfortunately, not all were happy about the melting mushes. 10th grader Lauren Chandler wishes that “there was more snow, so that I could make a better snow man.”

Overall, the snowstorm did hit the East Coast quite brutally, but at least something positive came from  the experience. Hopefully this upcoming April will bring May flowers, and not snow showers.