Tragedy at Great Mills


DeSean Mobley, a 17-year-old junior at Great Mills High School, heard gunfire in his school on Tuesday morning.

Kaseem Bennett, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Great Mills had an active shooter in the building.  It was reported that there were at least three injured and one death. The Baltimore Sun reported that a student, senior Terrence Rhames, reported the shooting happening at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. The incident comes just a few days after North Point and Great Mills held a school walk out, along with other Maryland schools, to speak up on gun control.

Multiple seniors of North Point have already expressed their thoughts on the situation via social media. Senior Xavier Prince commented that “it’s only been 36 days since the Parkland shooting, this is unacceptable.” His sentiments were shared by senior Kinsey Polk, who  said “36 days of children tirelessly fighting for their right to live and 36 days of adults ignoring them.”

This is the 17th recorded school shooting this year in the United States; and it is only the third month of the year. Many students throughout Maryland and even worldwide have given their prayers towards those affected. The shooting also comes days before an expected 500,000 people are expected to march Saturday in Washington, D.C. to protest gun violence and honor those killed in the Parkland massacre. With this incident happening a little too close to home, let’s hope Saturday’s march can begin to create progress towards finding a solution to this devastating problem.