The rise of a talented artist


William’s toy story themed art project

Maya Miller, Staff Writer

Paint, pencils, crayons: it doesn’t matter what he uses, senior Jalen Williams is on his way to being recognized as one of North Point High school’s most talented artists. Williams began his art career at the age of five. His first drawing was a map of the United States. As an artist, inspiration is creative; for Williams, maps were his source of creativity. What started out as states turned to video games characters, specifically a classical favorite among kids: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Williams was also inspired by his mother who complimented many of his outstanding drawings. For Williams, it was the message he needed to push forward. “J-Will’s art is cool and creative. He definitely commits to it, as seen in his bedroom drawing where he filled it in with lots of dots by stippling,” says senior Nick Deeble.

Over the years as a blossoming artist, Williams has been recognized by his peers and by other groups as well. Jalen has proudly won awards at school, Charles County contests, and the Humane Society contest. “I’m pretty sure anyone that takes a slight glance at his artwork would say they are very detailed and realistic. I’ve only seen hints of his drawing a few times, but it has a certain depth that gives an exotic-like perspective,” states senior Brookyln Walker.

Fans of social media can find William’s displays on Instagram. Creativity deserves to be shared, and Williams is certainly not afraid to show people his talent in the art industry.